Hello Brave Soul.

You are welcome here exactly as you are, regardless of how you’re feeling today or what you’re going through. You are welcome here.

...Being human. What a ride, hey? How are you holding up?

There is no instruction manual for life and the soul’s journey to wholeness is as full-throttle as it gets, with nothing left out: the good, the bad, and everything in between. It asks a lot of us.

This is a safe sanctuary to take a breather, to rest, to reconnect to your heart, to listen deeply, to remember, to rediscover what matters to you, to find inspiration, comfort, and connection. We meet here in safe space with all that we are and all that we’re living.

Please consider me a friend on the path, not so much a teacher or guide, but a fellow traveler, another soul—just like you—having this messy, beautiful, unpredictable, and deeply moving experience we call ‘being human’.

In the essays and talks below, I share ideas, perspectives, questions, and insights. I do not have the answers for you—only you have those—but hope that hearing my reflections will inspire you in some small way to ask your own big questions.

May my sharing connect you more deeply to your own truth and to the radiant essence of spirit that you are. May these words remind you of what you already know to be true at the center of your being.

Click on the pieces below to read or listen. You may want to have your journal or a cup of tea handy.