As your friend on the path I want to share with you resources that have inspired me and brought me comfort along the way. May something here give you the strength to keep going, the comfort to soothe your heart, and the inspiration to brighten your eyes as you carry on your way.

Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and the Psyche

by Bill Plotkin


Rarely do I encounter a body of work that speaks so directly to my own sense of things. The work of Bill Plotkin has single handedly helped me to understand my soul’s journey and the process of human development. This work is deeply holistic, inseparable from the natural world and from indigineous sensibilities. If you get only one book from this list let it be this one.

The Presence Process: A Journey into Present Moment Awareness

by Michael Brown

If you’re looking to ‘unpack’ your emotional triggers, root deeper into presence, and refine your emotional intelligence this is the book for you. This title has helped me to understand my emotional life and given me tools for transforming reactions into responses.

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