Brave Face: Why I Stopped Pretending And Started Sharing The Whole Truth

In this candid, stream-of-consciousness talk, I reveal how putting on a ‘brave face’ has been one of my go-to coping strategy for dealing with difficulty and how I’m learning to root into deeper authenticity by telling the truth.

In this jam-packed, 30-minute reflection I touch-on the following ideas:

  • Why hiding what’s difficult is more common than using our challenges to ‘get attention’.
  • How I pretended I was ‘fine’ for a long time when I wasn’t, and why.
  • How hiding what’s difficult deprives us of connection and compassion.
  • Why being a ‘people pleaser’ and putting on a ‘brave face’ are related.
  • How to deal with other peoples’ reactions and projections when sharing.
  • Why it’s essential to have discernment when choosing what to share, when, and with whom.
  • How to cultivating real connection through allowing ourselves to be seen and heard when we’re not at our best.
  • How sharing the whole truth is essential to profound healing and wholeness.


May this talk meet you where you’re at and inspire you to embrace and share the whole truth of your experience. May we be real with others and with ourselves and in the bright luminosity of love, may we find the comfort and strength we need to heal.


Words + Images: Copyright © 2017 Marie-Ève Bonneau