Marie-Ève participates in the Revolution of Love through her soulcentric writing, teaching, and speaking. She is a mystic, philosopher-poet, and friend on-the-path to those undergoing difficult life experience and radical soul initiations. A lover of wisdom, truth, and beauty, Marie-Ève’s work is centered in presence, integrity, and heart.

MEET Marie-Ève

How do we live from center? What is a soul-centered life? How can we connect with our authentic gifts? How do we live from the truth of who we are?

Like you, writer and soul-centered facilitator, Marie-Ève Bonneau spent many years inquiring into who she was and searching for her true place of belonging in the world.

Marie-Ève’s greatest teacher so far has been her healing journey through Lyme disease, a full-throttle initiation into living from her own center and answering the call of her soul.

As a result of her own intense trial by fire, she is able to meet her clients with wisdom, compassion, and heart.

Marie-Ève’s calling is to remind others of the truth of who they are and to help them reconnect to ‘center’—the powerful seat of wisdom and soul that lies within.

She guides others in transforming their life challenges and experiences of loss and trauma into the powerful rerouting and growth opportunities that these initiations really are.



The creatrix of ‘Dancing the Wisdom Body’, a dance/expressive arts therapy modality, Marie-Ève has over a decade of experience as a student and facilitator of yoga and movement arts, meditation, and breathwork.

Marie-Ève is a passionate advocate of embodied presence, heart-centered living, and the movement towards wholeness.

Marie-Ève holds a degree in Philosophy of Religion and Dance Studies with a focus on mysticism, ceremony and ritual, and ancient wisdom traditions. She is currently completing her Masters degree in Counselling Psychology with a focus on body-centered and soul-centered psychotherapy.

Her greatest joy is in holding sacred therapeutic and transformative space for others in support of their own unique path to wholeness.

Raised in the wilds of British Columbia, Canada, Marie-Ève is inspired by living a life that honors our interconnectedness with all things and with the earth itself. Her writing and work reflect her love of wisdom, nature, and beauty.

Read Marie-Ève’s reflections here.




Marie-Ève teaches from a place of personal experience and wisdom that can only come from walking your path and diving deep. This is a rare gift in a teacher. She is beautiful soul steeped in poetry and wisdom.
— Nyk Danu
Marie-Ève is a beautiful writer. Illness may not have been the path she would’ve chosen, but the wisdom that comes from walking this path are a true gift for each and every person touched by her work. She is a gift for a world in need.
— Mollie McEvoy


Marie-Ève shares her photography and shorter works on instagram weekly.